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Ready o fly - an sojc story

From concept, overseeing the script, finding music, filming, and editing. This was my final project as a student of the SOJC. This commencement video was designed to appeal to multiple audiences and showcase the worries that a student might face as they enter the next part of their life. Go Ducks.

Science and Memory Ghana: Compost - An Idea

Given the task of presenting our base ideas to a large group of educators, donors, and the general public of Ghana, this piece was developed on site in Ghana, Africa. It is a mixture of the beautiful work done by the Science and Memory team both first hand and behind the scenes.

Olympus Rally: MeLe Design Firm

working with mele design firm i filmed the 2019 Olympus rally event and put together this video edit showcasing the emotion of the weekend. fast cars and race gas. <3

My name is Ryan Lund, and this is my project.

Starting in 2010 my video career began in the hills of Jacksonville, Oregon. My friends and I began taking some interest in mountain biking and we began slowly filming our adventures and making short films of our rides. And while my interest for mountain biking remained, my interest in video grew well beyond that. I started applying my interest in digital content to photography and audio as well capturing anything that I was interested in at the time. Cars, bikes, computers, cooking, travel, vlogging you name it. 

Over time I began to realize that I don't have a single specialty and I'm alway jumping from one project to another. Then one day, while in a creative strategy class at the University of Oregon, it came to me. I am the project. Thus The Lund Project was born. This website is to serve as a place for my thoughts, progressions, successes and failures as I continue working on the most important project of all. Life.